Monday, October 21, 2019

Welcome to Term 4, 2019

My goodness, it's Term 4 already - we have hit the road running with Golf and Athletic Skills.  This term we spend some time doing assessments so it is really important that all tamariki are at school unless they are sick.  It can be difficult and disruptive to continually run 'catch up assessments'.
It is also the season of 'school hats'.  No hat, no outside play unless it's in the shade, hats are available for purchase from the school office.
Thank you for your continued support with homework - please ask your tamariki what their oral language choices are going to be this term.  When they are preparing an oral language presentation they may choose not to do spelling for that week.

Enjoy our photo's from golf this morning.......

Monday, September 23, 2019

2019 Energy Skills Science Fair

Well done to all those involved in this year's Science Fair.  Thank you to all the whanau for the support you gave your tamariki in creating their entries.  We received 3 prizes: Holly Robertson got 4th in show, Sam Knapton & Robert Harrison received the prize for best poster and Oakura School won $500 for the most entries (pro-rated).  

Friday, September 13, 2019

Teach the Teacher

This term we are all getting an opportunity to teach Mrs Salisbury something. 

Week 9: We had two lots of Teach the Teacher this week, one on Thursday and one on Friday.  Thursday's champions were Duncan (card trick), Sophie (Eiffel Tower in string) and Jessie teaching me to make yummy tortilla chips.  Yum!

Week 8: What fun we had today with Oliver teaching us how to make hummus with peanut butter and not tahini, Benjamin taught Mrs Salisbury how to throw a card and have it cut through paper (very cool!) and lastly Rory taught Mrs Salisbury how to rugby tackle......yes, it 's tackle.....ask your tamariki about it!

Week 7: Brody demonstrated a fun science trick as above.  It shows that when the air pressure exerted on the card from underneath is greater than the weight of water inside the glass the card holds the water up - cool trick!  Leon tried to teach Mrs Salisbury to do the floss (sorry Leon!), Emosi (modelling a hat) taught us to make a paper hat & Arla taught me the start of a floor routine for gymnastics - needless to say we stopped before the tumbling.......

Week 5: Finley taught us to knot a fishing line ready for a sinker, Evelyn taught us a very cool line dance and Indie taught us to make butter!

Week 4: Ella taught us to surf!  Jessica taught us to make a cool origami Spanish box.  Klarissa taught us to count to 10 in Afrikans and Arla taught us a Highland Dance technique.  Phewl it was a busy day!

Week 3: Miley taught us to contort our hands into a bird beak (Mrs Salisbury's fingers are still crippled), Maia taught us a very clever card trick and Orr taught us to count to 10 in Hebrew.

Week 2: D'Angelo taught us to count to 10 in Italian, Oralee & Shayla taught a dance each - turns out Mrs Salisbury isn't too bad at the nae nae!

Monday, September 9, 2019

North Island Ski Champs

Last week we had three of our students attend the North Island Ski Champs.  Benjamin was one of them.  He showed us lots of his photos and a couple of video's of him skiing.  He was really pleased with his result of coming 50th out of 150!

Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Many Faces of Mrs Salisbury

Goodness me - look what happens when I'm away for a couple of days.......the many Mrs Salisbury's that appear!  I'm pleased you missed me enough that you had to 're-create' me Room 6!  Thanks Mrs Day for an awesome Wednesday!

Cross Country

How lucky were we that the weather didn't truly open up and drench us all!  I think I had the best spot of all up the top under the trees!  Well done Room 6, all of you participated - I'm so proud of you all!

Monday, August 26, 2019

First Aid Training

We were lucky enough to have St John come to our class today to do some first aid training with us.  We learnt how to look after an unconcious person, dress a burn, bandage an area that is bleeding and other general first aid ideas.